This was a self-initiated project that was completed in 2019, the aim of this was to redesign packaging for those short on time and create a label that can be used across all their products.


Rebrand & 

Packaging design






We noticed that now when going into a supermarket brands are pushing their logo more and more and we wanted to challenge this thought with what people are actually looking for when working down a shopping list.

We didn't just stop there, we addressed their logo as well taking it from something that looked a little too clinical and added an authentic brush look to resemble the Italian way of cooking and add some soul to the brand. 

The Packaging 

As mentioned in the intro, we wanted to make the packaging something that was easy to read for those short on time. That being said we moved what the product was to the top of the label and reinforced this with an icon behind making it easy for a very quick read of the product to identify it. This combined with a coloured deli ticket allows for a strong suite of labels making the brand easily recognisable in a different location in a store. 

Cooking Made Simple.

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