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The Power of Design for Social

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We are living in the age of experience. Where consumers are more informed than they have ever been due to social media and the rise of online communities, user reviews and ratings. In this new age, it goes without saying that branding, and brand authenticity, is more important than ever, and the most direct and personal way of presenting your brand to your audience is through social media.

So let’s talk branding for a second…

A brand, put simply, is the image that your audience upholds of your company or service. The key to successful branding is not a good logo or fancy typeface, it is much more. Successful branding is all about aligning your audience’s perception with your vision of your brand, and for this, consistency is key.

Having a consistency to your brand’s style and tone of voice is integral to aligning how you envision your brand, with your audience’s perception of it.

It takes 5-7 impressions on average for a consumer to recognise a brand. But the number is lower if these impressions are consistent and impactful. When considering Instagram or Facebook posts and ads then, each one needs to be carefully crafted in order to adhere to brand consistency and make as much impact as possible.

But why exactly is design so integral here?

While it is true that a consistent tone of voice and good copywriting are key to solid branding, they are nothing without design. Studies have shown that including an image within a Facebook post more than triples the number of shares that it receives, while on Twitter shares more than double when including imagery. Even before social became what it is now this same principle was true. In his book Brain Rules, published in 2008, Dr John Medina observed that:

“If information is presented orally, people remember about 10 percent, tested 72 hours after exposure. That figure goes up to 65 percent if you add a picture.”

To conclude, a successful social media presence simply cannot be achieved without the help of solid, consistent design, that demonstrates the brand’s message and tone of voice. A consistent visual feed presents far more opportunity for engagement and leaves a far greater impression in the mind of the audience. When it comes to social media, design is your secret weapon.

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