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AR Filters For Brands

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Although AR filters have been around since 2017, they’ve only recently come into their own, due in part to the launch of Facebook’s Spark AR Studio in August 2019. The platform allows users to easily create filters that can be uploaded to both Instagram and Facebook, thus creating an excellent opportunity for brands to utilise them, adding an extra layer to their social media presence.

Statistics show that a third of the most-viewed stories on Instagram are those from businesses, and of the 500 million daily users, over 200 million of them visit at least one business account every day. Adding an AR filter to your page is a great way of leveraging more engagement out of these existing visitors, as well as driving more people to your page in the first place.

But what makes a successful AR filter?

A good AR filter should be a gift to your followers, not an ad. It should be something fun, something that people actively want to use and better yet, share. By making your filter entertaining and inclusive, more people will be drawn to using it and not only will this drive more users to your page but also show that you care about your followers, and value building a relationship with them.

Consumers nowadays are more informed than ever, and more and more are valuing brand authenticity and meaningful online relationships. AR filters are also a fantastic way of building user-generated content which is key to building trust with your audience and a vital step in building and maintaining strong online communities. In fact, according to Ogilvy, 80 per cent of marketing campaign’s impressions come from social reach.

AR can also be a great tool for e-commerce. “tap to try on” style advertisements let the user virtually try on accessories such as sunglasses before buying on, and offering users the chance to share these images is an amazing way of increasing your ad’s reach.

Although not particularly new technology, it seems that AR is finally having its time in the spotlight. With the ease of Spark AR, and the potential for brands to increase their reach and engagement, there really is no reason not to join the AR trend.

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