The Active Kollection

The Active Kollection approached us with nothing more than a name and an idea. From there we were able to help them grow their dream into a fully-fledged eCommerce business. 


Branding, Packaging

& Website Design


The Active




The owners of the brand approached us with the name and the acronym they wanted to use in combination with the idea of a niche target market, who have a taste for boutique running and cycling brands and wanted to incorporate a sense of 'if you know you, know' vibe.

We developed a full identity system for the brand including the cryptic logotype above as well as the thunderbird logo mark used on the packaging, a symbol of freedom & banishment of negative energies much like exercise does for a lot of us.

Web & Mobile

The website was built using the Shopify platform to ensure fully responsive windows for both mobile and desktop. 


The packaging was developed with the running 'block' or 'wall' in mind symbolised with the solid blue line in the middle of the packaging. The TAK logo is then the other thing that breaks through this showing that the right gear can get you to the next level. 

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